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Welcome to the only site that offers VIRTUAL Health & Wellness AND Pain Management, all in one place!

HEAL YOURSELF, through Alignment Therapy and Fitness/Movement Therapy, under the care and guidance of Jamie, the owner of Trifinity Wellness.

Offering both VIRTUAL and *IN-PERSON Services!
*potential option for those in the Buffalo, NY area

“No one knows your body better than you. Use that knowledge to unlock and reconnect with your mind-body-spirit and live the best quality of life that you so deserve.”

Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment

Mind-Body-Spirit Strength

Mind-Body-Spirit: UNSTOPPABLE!!

Circuit de Soleil

Jamie will bring the sun, YOU bring the heat! This circuit-style class brings a fusion of resistance training and cardio in one convenient class. Join the fun and be prepared for workstations, an interval timer, and the realization that you will unleash your greatest potential!!

Align Up!

Alignment therapy addresses the root cause of chronic pain and movement limitations, impacting a person’s ability to move, to move well, and to move pain-free. This sets the perfect foundation for a body that can dominate workouts, exercise challenges, and intense training sessions, at any age!

‘Zen & Now’ Yoga Flow

Make time for you and your well-being, honor your body, soothe the mind, and bring more harmony to your life! Be and move mindfully in the present moment. Join us on our mats as we link breath with movement, connect mind-body-soul, and reconnect to the truths inside ourselves.

FREE Postural Evaluation

Get a complimentary postural evaluation of your alignment with Jamie!

FREE Personal Consultation

Let Jamie help you discover your next steps and create a plan on a complimentary 15-minute video chat.

IT’S ALL CONNECTED!! Total wellness matters. When mind-body-spirit is on the same page AND the body is feeling balanced and mobile, you are unstoppable and the sky’s the limit!!! Join Jamie for any classes and sessions that you wish and she will show you how true this is.